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    • Portable Diffuser Air Humidifier

      £30.00 £20.00

      Humidifiers for household. Humidifiers for office. Humidifiers for vehicles.

      Humidity lower than 30% makes the air dry causing people to feel uncomfortable due to itchy skin, worsened rhinitis, dry eyes etc. Humidity greather than 50% causes mold growth. Maintaining humidity levels above betweem 30%-50% is more suitable for people as it decreases the risk of illness and disease, and helps relieve dry, irritated skin.
      Generate comfortable humidity levels wherever you need them most – your home, office or vehicle- with this Seraph Signature Portable Humidifier with Multicolor Led Light. Prefect for Creating Your Elegant Life!

    • Egg Shaped Air Filter

      £25.00 £15.00

      Enjoy aromatherapy relaxation anytime, anywhere!

      Fresh air is of grave concern to us all as the air quality in the small space of your car is always not good, especially in a new car. This USB car humidifier is a combination of humidifier, air refresher and also a night light, dispels unpleasant smell inside your car. With its plug and set operation, you don’t need to press any button to set the mist. Life is relaxing and easier

    • Grapefruit Desk Portable Humidifier

      £30.00 £25.00


      Kick back and relax with this Grapefruit Desk Humidifier. It has been specially designed for personal and travel use.
      Take the Grapefruit Desk Humidifier anywhere you want, so you can relax and breathe, wherever and whenever. Seraph Signature Desk Grapefruit Humidifier quietly moisturises the dry air in your home, office or vehicle in minutes, leaving a clean and healthy air, as if you are staying in the forest. This sleek and powerful desk humidifier boasts a 400ml capacity that automatically shuts own in 3 hours of usage for safety. It also has a below 36dB making it so quiet and will not disturb your rest or work. Powered with a USB cable,this humidifier is a breath of fresh aire no matter where you are!

      How to Use:  

      1. Twist off the top of the cover in the clockwise direction.
      2. Add water to the max water level of the water tank, and then tighten the top cover in the clockwise direction.
      3. Insert the plug of the power cord into the power port of the humidifier, connect the other end of the power cord to a computer’s USB interface or any certified power adapter (phone chargers and power banks can supply for the humidifier as well).
      4. Wait for 5+ minutes until the cotton inside is totally soaked.
      5. Switch on the humidifier to produce the mist. For office workers working in dry cold air or warm air spaces, it can effectively replenish moisture and improve your work efficiency

    • Collapsible Humidifiers, Aromatherapy Silicone

      £30.00 £25.00


      USB Type: Cool-Mist Impeller Humidifier

      Power (W): 2 Voltage (V): 5

      Capacity: 200ml Humidity

      Control: Manual Material: ABS + food grade silicone

      Weight: 130g Water Capacity: 200ml Size: 116.5*115*59mm

      Accessories: Type C cable LED colour: 256 colours LED light

      Packing: gift box Working time: 4 hours

      Style: Morden

      Package Includes: 1 x Cool Mist Humidifier 1 x Power Adapter 1 x User Manual

      How to Use:  

      1. Add water to the max water level of the water tank.
      2. Connect it to the power supply, press and hold (for 3 seconds) the power button to power on, the spray + LED(white light) will start to work.

      3. Click the power button to enable spray.

      4. Click the power button again to switch to spray+colourful LED lights(Circular Breathing).

      5. Short press the power button to circulate the 1->2->3 functions.

      6. Press and hold (for 3 seconds) to power off

      7. When the spray time reaches 4hours, the Spray function will be disabled automatically and the LED indicators will continue o work. Press and hold (for 3seconds) the power button to power on/off or restore the Spray function.

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